Cardano Stake & Pledge Pools are Non‑Custodial

All Cardano stake pools operate as a delegation service, public or private, Ada holders delegate to one or more public pool(s) becoming a member/participant of that stake pool, or fund their operators pool, thus becoming the owner(s) of the funded pool.

At no time does the member delegator participant or owner of a stake pool give up their custody to their Ada, your Ada is yours and yours alone and never at risk when you delegate or fund/pledge your own pool.

No Cardano stake pool requires custody of your Ada holdings. You as the asset holder(s) are always in 100% control of your assets. You're delegating your right to participate in the protocol and or funding your owner pool, that is all.

Bare Metal Computers

Everywhere feasible we use a physical infrastructure that we own and control. Example, all signing servers are deployed on bare metal computers, enabling us to validate the boot, Coreboot, on up the stack before the first block hits Cardano. Where bare metal is not feasible, we deploy on public containers that share our passion for openness and security.

We deploy on bare metal servers giving us high assurance that Cardano will operate as intended, don't trust, verify instead.

Hardware Security Module

Cryptography signing keys are securely stored on a hardware security module, HSM, and are never public accessible. If in the highly unlikely event we get hacked (your Ada is never at risk), the theaves will not gain access to the staking keys as they cannot seize the hardware security module without destroying the keys on it first.

All staking keys are stored on an HSM, tamper-resistant and PIN-protected, secured against computer viruses, destruction, and theft from within and without.

Fully Decentralized, Geographic Diverse Infrastructure

Our Cardano stake pool has no single failure point. Through the separation of services, spread across several machines or clusters further divided by geographic diversity and redundancy to ensure continued operation in the event of a failure at any point, natural or humanmade.

With no single point of failure, our uptime on Cardano block production, has a mathematical certainty of nine-nines, 99.999999999%

On a More Personal Note

Adaizen is freedom-focused security aware company that believes in individuals freedom. This view underpins every choice we make as a company, which is why we will not use the big-box-cloud providers, although we do appreciate the work they produce we despise the business model of exploitation first.

We value individuals freedom, from that vantage we make and back our choices as a company; Remember, we're not only engineers, but we're also Cardano owners. ♥

Keep Cardano Roaming Free

Our favorite quote lately:

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden, or Life in the Woods

Thank You,
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Remember, we're not only engineers, but we're also Cardano owners.