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The moment we wrote our motif down we liked it, keep Cardano roaming free, it is play off of our Wyoming roots, seeing that Wyoming is America’s cryptocurrency capital, even IOHK relocated to Wyoming, Zug, Switzerland has nothing on Wyoming.

Wyoming is a location, a defined area of the United States of America, that has applied a local view regarding the potential of cryptocurrencies and embraced it.

How about other defined areas, regions like Africa, a land that Cardano is establishing itself in, does it matter if stake pool operators build a local presence there?

A lone tree in Africa

We strongly believe it does, for the same reasons that Wyoming is being compensated by crypto-businesses moving there, having a local Cardano node presence within the networking facilities in Africa merits stake pool operators paying for Cardano's presence there.

Your Neighborhood Cardano Ada Provider, Globally

When Shelley arrives, Cardano will be decentralized eliminating the single point of Amazon control that Byron gave. Amazon benefited from Cardano because IOHK chose to use only Amazon's infrastructure to operate Byron on.

Shelley ushers in a new decentralized Cardano, where stake pool operators get to say which infrastructure providers they will reward by operating their stake pool there.

Welcome to First Brick Holdings: 1

First Brick Holdings is focused on investing in and building world class Tier III data centres across Eastern and Southern Africa. Through our investments and hands-on approach, we seek to address the latent demand for critical data centre infrastructure that will drive digital transformation across the region.

We randomly selected one company, in this case, First Brick Holdings, to showcase the impact Cardano stake pool operators should be thinking about when deciding on where their pool operates.

By creating a network of Tier III standard data centres across the region, FBH will also enable international and regional players to establish their presence “in-country”, closer to their user bases, improving latency and overall quality of service.

First Brick Holdings orchestrated, Raxio, Uganda's first enterprise-grade data center. 2

Raxio will be the first state-of-the-art Tier III, carrier-neutral data centre in Uganda due to open in mid 2019. The data centre will be able to house up to 400 racks, delivering 1.5MW of IT power at final phase. Located 15 kms from Kampala in Namanve Industrial and Business Park, Raxio will meet the requirements for both primary and disaster recovery sites and will sit along one of Uganda’s principal fibre routes to ensure connectivity.

This local Uganda data center, set to open in Q4 2019, is a grand example of the impact Cardano stake pool operators could have by carefully choosing where they deploy too.

Cardano pool operators should not be fixated on the costs 3 to operate in areas that must charge more than the big-box-cloud-providers charge. Cardano's developers think non-myopically 4 and so too should the decentralized pool operators. One way to do that is deploying in local areas where Cardano is going, getting there now shows that Cardano is not just up in the foreign clouds, but locally, and scalable through global connectivity brought home.

See, Cardano Exchange via Stake Pool, for rewarding infrastructure provides before exchanges.

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